Salary description

Besides competitive salary, we also set up an important Freemud project bonus, incentive plans of options, reward system for excellent employees, let employees' work be directly proportional to their salary. In addition, a housing allowance, meal allowance, transportation subsidies boost your happiness. We encourage people being Lei Feng, but never let Lei Feng suffer.

Employee welfare

Spacious and comfortable office environment, simple interpersonal relationship, freedom, equality, simplicity and effective way to communicate are Freemud's atmosphere. We implement flexible system of work to give you more free and controllable time. Aspiring youth working in Shanghai may not worry about being deducted wages any more when you are sick because of full-pay sick leave. There will be a surprise on the Women's Day, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, the Spring Festival. Outing, Team Building and annual travel let you hey earthshaking!

Career planning

We adhere to the “people-oriented”, respect for employees, and implement special forces plan to train employees. And we keep a watchful eye on the professional improvement of employees, care for each employee's Planning Career and encourage to share the technology to help employees fully enhance the personal professional competitiveness.

Recruitment positions

Resume delivery (Please specify the application position in the mail.) Recruitment Information: